Womens Leather Jackets

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FrontDiamond Plate™ Ladies' Rock Design Genuine Buffalo Leather Motorcycle Jacket

If you are looking for a cheap leather jacket for a woman. This black leather ladies jacket consists of hundreds of individual pieces of hand selected buffalo leather that are stitched together to create a contouring fit. This stitching process takes several hours of additional production time but the end result is a womens leather jacket that is well worth it! Features multiple patches; zippered front; Nehru collar; and leather laces on sleeves and waist for an adjustable fit. Live To Ride™ brand embroidered cloth patches are included and already sewn in place. This jacket may be priced cheap, but it is real leather, not faux leather.

Item Number : GFLADLTRS
Patches shown are included with the jacket and already sewn on.
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